Tortious Interference


All of a sudden, your business slows down and sales begin to fall. Your customers are no longer coming to you because they’re going to your competitors. You look at your operations, your employees and industry trends but the reason for the decline isn’t evident. You don’t know why it’s happening, until you look in the


Consumer statistics show that the internet is the first resource consumers refer to in the buying process. GE Capital Retail Bank reports that 81% of consumers visit you online first, before actually going to your bricks and mortar location.1 Another study, the 2014 State of B2B Procurement study from the Acquity Group, reports that a staggering 94% of business buyers also go online to research your business.2

Your consumers are actively seeking out information about your products and services online, and your enemies are taking advantage of this. Protecting themselves with the anonymity of the internet, your enemies libel and defame you to sabotage your business for all the world to see. They stop your potential customers from wanting to do business with you. With the internet, tortious interference is now easier, cheaper and more devastating than it has ever been.

What is tortious interference?

Tortious interference is defined as:
The act of intentionally preventing a transaction from occurring between a business and consumer with libelous and/or threatening activities.

Cyberbullied lego girl running away.
Tortious Interference leads to feelings of constant fear and abandonment.

Libel and defamation can appear in the following forms:

  • fake negative reviews
  • fake websites that feature negative content about your business. One example is “”
  • negative engagement on forums and social media sites
  • “astro turfing” - the process of one entity using multiple profiles or personas to create a fake conversation that paints a negative picture of your business
  • attacking or intimidating employees or you, the owner

How your can stop losing business

Vital+Vectors uses the same methodologies and tools that we employ for the police force and government to identify perpetrators and cyber criminals. All evidence is compiled in a manner that can be used in a court of law to prosecute your attackers. In civil court, you may also recover your lost income.

What we do for you

  1. Identify your enemy: Because your enemy feels safe with the anonymity of the internet, they’ll continue to interfere with your business. The first step is to identify them.
  2. Log evidence: We compile evidence to support your case, so your enemy can be sued or arrested.
  3. Clean up: All offending material about your business is removed from the internet.

Free yourself from malicious competitors:

Contact Vital+Vectors now before it’s too late. You’ll find out within the first 10 hours of our investigation whether you’ll have a positive result or need to prepare for a longer term plan.




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