Google Penalty Recovery


Goole penalties result from any number of poor choices made by your internet marketing company. Whether you've received a Penguin, Panda, Unicorn, or other Google penalty, you can get help.


The majority of your potential customers use Google to find you online. Google dominates the world’s search engines, accounting for 88.2%1 of market share globally. But when you search for your website now, it doesn’t show up in search results as it once did. Your site is buried under pages and pages of your competitors because it has been penalized by Google. How will your customers find you when most turn to the internet to do their pre-buying research?

Google penalty

A Google penalty occurs after a manual review of your site by a member of the Webspam Team. It may also happen if your site violates Google’s current search algorithms (which change routinely). Common things that incur a penalty include having a high number of unrelated links pointing to it and other unnatural activity. You can see more on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines here.

However, it’s important to note that even if you follow all of the guidelines, your site may still get penalized!

When your website is under a Google penalty, it can feel like there is nothing that you can do. Reaching out to the wrong web company can do more harm than good.
When your website is under a Google penalty, it can feel like there is nothing that you can do. Reaching out to the wrong web company can do more harm than good. Photo by Masked Builder

What happens to your business

The effects of a Google penalty can be disastrous, particularly if you rely on the internet as a primary marketing tool.

  • Less visibility online means less people will know about your services and products. Imagine how many potential customers you’re missing.
  • Current customers find you less trustworthy because they can’t find your site. They wonder if you’re a real business or not.
  • All that information you’ve put on your website isn’t being seen, which means current customer inquiries are less informed of your business. You have to do more screening to filter out suitable customers, wasting your time and resources.
  • You’ve spent thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars on a site that is essentially useless. After all, what value does your site bring to your business if nobody is visiting it?

Get rid of the penalty so your site can rank again

Do you know what to do to lift a Google penalty? It is possible, though it can be an extremely difficult and time consuming process involving hours and hours of tedious manual work. Unfortunately, even after investing all of that time, your site may still be under penalty.

We guarantee that we will get the penalty lifted

Don’t waste your time. Get it done right the first time, faster and more effectively. Contact Vital+Vectors now for an in-depth evaluation of your site to determine how much needs to be done. Our clients have had the penalty on their sites lifted in as little as two weeks to six months. It all depends on the extent of damage.




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